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What is DEVIURI?


[What is DEViURi?]


(Where did the name come from?)


“I get this question almost every day. I really had the name for a long time. I was coming back home from the barbershop one day during my sophomore year of high school. I opened up my car door and was about to hop in, until I saw a gleam of light on the seat that seemed to spell out something. It said “DEViURi. 

The name had a nice ring to it. I instantly looked it up to see if anybody had taken it yet. To my surprise, it was unused……………..until now. 

Fast forward to my freshman year in college. I went through a period where I would often try to go clothes shopping and couldn’t find pieces that really fit my style. So I started creating my own pieces. I used to make 1 of 1’s in my dorm and I just started putting the word “DEViURi” on them, because why not. 

People definitely started taking notice FAST. So many people started asking where they can get the clothes from. Whether it was me or one of my close friends, whoever was wearing DEViURi pieces was getting stopped and questioned by people who hadn’t seen the brand before. It was like CRACK. The people NEEDED it.” 


(What the name means)


“The interesting thing about the name is that, for the longest time, I didn’t even know what it meant myself. I felt so much pressure when people would ask about the meaning and I didn’t even know what to tell them. The name just sounded cool to me . Since DEViURi isn’t technically a word, I had to assign it a meaning QUICKLY. When I got the name trademarked, they told me that the name is close to “DEVIATION” and that should be the meaning of it. Something about that sounded good to me. To me that meant DEViURi was DIFFERENT than the rest, we DEVIATE. (In lifestyle and the mind).” 


(Why a skull as the logo?)


“The reason I chose a skull as the logo is because I wanted to capture a certain aesthetic. I remember sitting at the desk in my dorm room, thinking about all the things the logo should be. I wanted it to be human, but in an abstract form. I started sketching to see what I could come up with. I drew an “abstract-looking” skeleton wearing a robe. I liked it, but felt that it should be simpler. Then I was left with a skull. Something about that fit the name “DEViURi” very well.. A skull was also perfect because everybody has one, so nobody gets left out. 

I painted that same skull on a jean jacket, but this time I added some hair to it. And that logo eventually changed into what it is today.” 


(Fun fact: The official name of the skull was originally going to be “The Skywalker” but that idea got scrapped.) 


(What inspired the “aesthetic?”)


“A lot of things have inspired me over the years. My artistic journey started with drawing. I used to watch a lot of anime and would draw my own comic-book characters. That lead me into painting, then I eventually started painting on clothes. I woke up one morning, and I was a designer all of a sudden. 

Out of all the things that have inspired me artistically, nothing has inspired me more than music. (Especially hip-hop.) I listened to all kinds of rappers growing up (old school & current). I was inspired by how they dressed and would try to emulate some of those looks in my own wardrobe. 

Not only did rap music influence me, but so did rock music. I don’t even like admitting this, but I for sure had a “rock phase” in middle school . Both hip-hop & rock have aspects of rebellion in them. And that’s what I’m all about. You can see that in my clothing. 

That perfectly ties into DEViURi having the meaning ‘DEVIATION.’ “We deviate from the rest.” DEViURi is a rebellion. “A rebellion of what’s considered the norm.”


(What DEViURi means to me) ‘Designer Perspective’


“Everybody deals with hardships. It’s part of being human. Mine mainly came from within. Growing up, I never felt like I truly fit in anywhere. I had a lot of friends and close relationships, but that never filled the void I felt within. I remember feeling that I could be around a thousand people and still feel very alone. The true definition of a “popular loner.” 


I definitely believe in a higher power. I used to call on God to take the lonely feelings away, but they persisted. My FLESH would cry out be “normal” but in my SOUL I always knew that I was different. It was literally a battle going on within. That battle has had a huge impact on my artistic journey. 


Nowadays, I don’t feel like that because I realized that it is my soul’s journey to be comfortable in my solitude. I wasn’t made to fit in or be normal. A lot of people who are seen as “greats” usually don’t. And that’s exactly what DEViURi is. It’s for the up and coming GREATS. People who are striving for something greater for their lives. 


This journey running a clothing line has helped me grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. DEViURi has taken me to places I never even imagined I’d be. I’ve met some very amazing people along the way as well. 


Not only am I an artist, but I am also a business man. And within divine timing, I’ll become one of the greats too. 


I want to thank each and every one of you for coming along for the ride :)”  -Ahmad Da’Mon




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